Competition Categories

All registered teams will receive a brief from a US-based non-profit organization during the contest. Your goal is to answer the challenge in that brief in the most creative way possible according to the guidelines of the categories below. Join the competition and make your mark.


In a 5-page deck, develop a creative insight and explain how your digital solution uses a maximum of three social media platforms in new and exciting ways to answer the brief.


Create an original idea in response to the brief, film your footage and edit it into a captivating :30 ad.


In a 10-page deck, demonstrate how to create 'Consumer Engagement' and exploit the value of emerging media with consumer insights to drive effective communication strategies in response to the brief.


In a 10-page deck, shape a PR strategy that demonstrates your creative process, showing how the idea would connect with the organization's brand values, how it engages with the public, and how it builds relations with relevant stakeholders to answer the brief.


In response to the brief, produce a stand-out, captivating, and unique one-page print ad.

The Judging Process

Your name and company name should NOT appear anywhere on your entry. The judging process and criteria are detailed in the official rules.

View competition rules

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